• July 16, 2021

A few miles south of Key West, a tropical paradise awaits

Key West (AP) — A couple of hours south of the capital Key West has a tropical island paradise.

It’s a haven for wildlife.

It has a vibrant arts and music scene, where surfers race and canoe on the beach.

It boasts a long history of American independence.

And it is home to the island’s only surviving Native American tribe.

The island’s people are not happy about the islanders taking over, though.

“I’m not here to cause trouble, but it’s really sad because we’ve had no problems with the Indians,” said a man named Larry.

He lives in the area where the tribe is from.

Larry, a member of the Seminole Indian Tribe, said he is not the only one concerned about the tribe’s future on the island.

“They’re not the ones who have to deal with the problems.

We’re not their problem,” he said.

The Seminoles are part of a tiny, federally recognized tribe in the Caribbean.

Their territory is roughly the size of Florida.

The tribe is located on the southern tip of Key to the south.

It was founded in 1819 and has an estimated 200 members.

The land is mostly protected from development by a federal law.

The law states that Native Americans must remain at least 500 feet (180 meters) from residential development.

But it allows them to move within 500 feet of the development if the development is for non-commercial purposes.

The state is considering the law again this year.

The reservation is one of the last remnants of a 19th-century settlement.

The last Native American head of state was killed there in 1898.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been investigating for years whether a tribe that has lived on the islands for more than a century has been illegally taking over land.

But Larry said the Seminoles did not intend to use the land for their own benefit.

“Our people are good people, and we’re trying to protect them from the land and from the Native Americans,” he added.

More than 150 people were in the Seminoree’s boat when it got stuck on the water.

They were unable to get out.

The boat had to be towed back to the marina.

A couple on the boat told ABC News they had no idea what was going on.

“We never saw a fish, nothing,” said one of them.

“There’s no fish, no turtles, no dolphins,” the other said.

The tribe says the Seminores are in violation of the federal land management law.

“This is a state law, it’s federal land, and if they want to take over our land and take away our rights, that’s their business,” said tribal spokesman James Daugherty.

He said there have been no arrests in the case and no one was injured.

The case has caused a bit of a stir in Key West.

The Native American Association of Florida, a political action committee, sent a letter to the U.S. attorney asking for the federal government to investigate the Seminor case.

“The Seminores have been in this area for decades, and this is not their first brush with law enforcement,” said the group’s president, Bill Withers.

“It is a community that has been in Florida for a long time and it’s not like they have been treated any differently.”

The Seminoles have been fighting to retain the land, claiming it is sacred.

But some local residents have been more sympathetic to the tribe.

“People have gotten used to the Seminols, and they’ve been here long enough to know that we have the right to have our way,” said Withery.

On Wednesday, the tribe received the federal help it needed.

A team of federal law enforcement agents were called to the shoreline.

They found the boat, which was in a boat hangar, a few yards off the road.

They said it was loaded with food, water and clothes.

But the Seminors were not allowed to get inside the boat.

“This is not something that we want to do, so we don’t want to get involved in it,” said an officer.

Law enforcement officials say the Seminora tribe has been doing a lot of work to get rid of invasive species.

But they say the tribe was not supposed to be on the Seminos’ land.

“You can’t take over an Indian reservation,” said Deputy U.N. Marshal Paul Gavilan.

He added that the federal agency was working with the tribe to help get rid the invasive species off the island, but that wasn’t enough.

“Some people are going to get their heads blown off,” he warned.

State law says that the tribe can use the island for a variety of purposes, including fishing, hunting, and gathering food.

Tribes like the Seminones have been able to survive by farming and fishing for generations.

They also have the support of some local businesses.

“A lot of the restaurants that we used to work in have moved to

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