• July 19, 2021

The Queen is back in Florida after being left behind by her family

NEW YORK (AP) — The Queen has been back in her homeland of England for a couple of days following the coronavirus pandemic, returning to Yas Island to celebrate her 95th birthday.

Her Majesty was back in England in July after a six-month absence after she returned from Scotland.

She spent a month at her residence in Kensington Palace after the coronas outbreak hit.

The queen was accompanied by Prince Philip, who was also in the UK.

Her husband, Prince Charles, is also in London and his daughter, Princess Anne, was also on her way back from a visit to the U.K. The Queen and Prince Philip are expected to be back in the U-K.

for a daylong visit with the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Queen is the most senior monarch to be in England since Queen Elizabeth II returned in 2007.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Duke of York and Prince Harry have been visiting England since then.

The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles are staying in England as well.

The coronaviral pandemic has led to a sharp decline in numbers of people returning from abroad and the Duchess of York said she was relieved to see the Queen back home.

“She is such a popular and strong person, she is such an iconic figure in our country and I know that is why she has had to come back,” the Duchess said.

“She’s a very big part of our history and her family are part of it and so we are pleased to see her back.”

The Duchess said she expected to see a lot of the Queen and her husband at Kensington, where they have been spending the summer with their daughter.

The Duke of Sussex said he had no idea when the Queen was due to return but was happy to be reunited with her.

“She’s such a lovely person and I have so much respect for her,” he said.

“I know her and we’ll all come together when we come back and talk about it.”

The Queen and Philip were not expected to stay in England for long after returning from Scotland, but they did have a short visit with their wives, Kate and Charles.

Charles and Kate met up with the Duchess in a golf course on the Isle of Wight, while Prince Charles and Kate had a brief chat on a beach.

“We’ve all been very close and I think the Duchess is just delighted that she is here,” Kate said.

Katharine is one of the royals most well-known friends and they have had a very good relationship.

They were also close during their time at Kensalet, which the Duchess was to inherit from her father Prince Philip when she ascended the throne.

Her visit came at a time when other countries have been in a tight spot as well, including Brazil, Australia and France.

Some countries, such as India, have seen a sharp rise in deaths due to the coronaval virus.

India, which has a high death rate due to coronaviruses, has been struggling to cope with the pandemic.

The government has launched a nationwide coronavira outbreak response plan, but some of its health officials said some coronavirovs are spreading faster than it can contain them.

Britain is also battling the outbreak.

In July, the Queen flew in to London to attend the opening of a new school in the city, which she is expected to attend during her absence.

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