• August 15, 2021

How to find the best Easter eggs on the island of San Juan island

San Juan Island, known for its volcanic activity, is home to a vast collection of Easter eggs.

From the island’s famous stone circle and the many sculptures and monuments that have adorned its streets, to the iconic Easter Island statues, there are so many to choose from.

And that’s where you come in.

Here’s a list of some of the best spots to find Easter eggs and Easter Island Easter Bibles.1.

The Easter Island Cemetery1.2.

The New Island Cemetery3.

The Cemetery of San Antonio, Mexico4.

The New Island Church, San Antonio 5.

The Garden of the Dead6.

The Crematorium, San Juan 7.

The Villa de la Reina del Sol, San Luis Potosi 8.

The San Juan Cemetery, San Pedro 9.

The cemetery of San Pedro, San José 10.

The graveyard of San Diego, San Diego 11.

The church of Santa Maria del Carmen, San Cristobal 12.

The chapel of San Rafael, San Rafael 13.

The house of the Blessed Virgin Mary, San Jose 14.

The burial grounds of Santa Teresa de San Martín, San Salvador 15.

The grave of Jesus Christ, San Francisco 16.

The Holy Land, Jerusalem 17.

The island’s most popular cemetery.18.

The cemeteries of San Salvador, El Salvador, and Guadalajara.19.

The tomb of the late Pope John XXIII.20.

The Church of the Nativity in Santiago, Chile.21.

The Stations of the Cross in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.22.

The ancient Roman-style tomb of St. John the Baptist in Saint-Antoine, France.23.

The stone tomb of Saint John the Evangelist in Marseilles, France24.

The tombs of St Peter and Paul in Rome25.

The ruins of the Roman-era church of the Holy Sepulchre in Rome.26.

The Spanish city of Madrid.27.

The site of the ancient Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, Israel.28.

The famous Saint Paul’s Basilica in Rome, Spain29.

The sacred site of San Francisco.30.

The Shrine of the Sacred Stone in Jerusalem.31.

The Temple of the Mother of God in Jerusalem32.

The temple of the Virgin Mary in Jerusalem33.

The Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Jerusalem34.

The crypt of St Bartholomew in St. Bartholomäs, Greece.35.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Jerusalem36.

The Great Mosque of Istanbul, Turkey.37.

The city of Rome’s basilica in the heart of the city.38.

The Sacred Temple of San Marco in San Sebastian, Spain.39.

The cathedral of San Sebastián in Mexico City, Mexico40.

The sanctuary of St Mary of the Assumption in Buenos Aires, Argentina.41.

The Tomb of St Benedict in Florence, Italy42.

The monument of St John of Damascus in Damascus, Syria43.

The dome of the Basilica Santa Maria della Sala in Santa Maria, Italy44.

The Vatican’s basilico di San Marco di San Nicola in San Nicola, Italy45.

The archbishopric of Florence.46.

The basilica of St James the Apostle in Rome47.

The Dome of St Anthony in Rome48.

The shrine of St Basil the Great in Rome49.

The Virgin Mary’s tomb in the Vatican, Italy50.

The Monastery of the Most Holy Basilica San Marco dei Verona in Verona, Italy.51.

The Chapel of Saint Francis of Assisi in Rome52.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.53.

The Saint John More, the great Dominican friar and saint of the Church of Saint Benedict.54.

The statue of St Stephen the Baptist at the Basilicas of Santa Cruz and St Peter, Rome.55.

The entrance to the cathedral of Santa María de la María in Santa Barbara, California56.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Boston, Massachusetts57.

The altar of St Francis of Sales in St Francis de Sales, Saint-Simon, France58.

The main street of San Miguel, Bolivia59.

The Grand Mosque of Zaragoza in Mexico, Central America60.

The U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.61.

The iconic Basilica Santo Tomas de Santa Elena in Santa Marta, Italy62.

The grand staircase of St Thomas More Cathedral in St Thomas, France63.

The holy city of Jerusalem.64.

The Roman Catholic cathedral in Rome65.

The memorial of St Ignatius of Loyola in Rome66.

The golden statue of Saint Paul in Athens, Greece67.

The icon of St Nicholas of Ephesus, the patron saint of all Christians.68.

The home of St Catherine of Siena, Greece69.

The birthplace of St Andrew the Apostle, the first bishop of

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