• September 3, 2021

How to Live with Happy Island Designer Marriot, the Easter Island Hotel and More

Welcome to Happy Island, the new hotel that has opened in the resort town of Marriot.

The boutique hotel was developed by the Marriot-based luxury real estate firm Marriot Island Design.

The Marriot design studio has also been featured in an article published by the New York Times.

The hotel is located at 541 North Marriot Avenue, Marriot Isle.

The resort is currently undergoing renovation to house the new Marriot Islands resort.

Guests can relax in a luxurious spa, fitness center, and indoor pools, all under one roof.

Happy Island has a spa on the ground floor, a full-service spa, and an indoor gym.

The spa has a full kitchen, and a rooftop restaurant.

The main dining area includes a wine bar, a restaurant, and bar area.

Happy island has been designed to have a quiet feel, but guests can enjoy a view of the sea.

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a full 360 degree view of Marrit Island from the balcony of the spa.

The restaurant has a variety of delicious, unique dishes, including a shrimp and grits appetizer, a fish tacos, and the signature fish tartare.

Happy will feature a fully-equipped kitchen, with a large refrigerator, oven, microwave, and sink.

A large screen monitor, along with a video wall, is on the balcony.

The kitchen features a stovetop microwave and electric oven.

Guests are also invited to watch a full length movie with the Marrit island crew on the screen in the lobby.

Happy has a unique lounge area that includes an indoor tennis court and a basketball court.

A variety of seating options are available, including reclining chairs and a small island-style sofa.

There are two full-length pools and a spa with a private shower.

The beach area has a sandy beach and sandy water features.

The island has a large, natural-looking beach, which will feature an ocean backdrop, with views of the Marrott Island, Marrit Islands coastline, and islands beyond.

Happy is located near the Marrion Island, where guests can relax on the sand, or enjoy a picnic on the water.

Marriot island is currently in the process of renovating the Marrillis beachfront.

Happy and Marriot islands owners are currently looking for new staff to help maintain and maintain the resort.

Happy Isle will be open for guests in January 2019.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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