• September 25, 2021

How the world’s biggest oil company changed its name, and what it means for us

Long Island is the world capital of oil and gas, and its oil is among the world�s most abundant.

The town of Bar Harbor in the Atlantic Ocean is home to about 7,000 residents, a large and growing industry.

Yet in 2010, a New York Times article reported that the company called its new drilling rig Long Island Pipeline and sent out a press release announcing it would no longer be using the name Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor is still there today, with a small number of locals that call the drilling rig the Long Island Gas Pipeline.

A few weeks ago, we spoke to Bar Harbor residents about what the company has changed, and we learned that it’s no longer about drilling, it�s about marketing, and that the new name is a way to make the company more marketable.

The company�s first name is important to the residents, but the second is important for the public, too.

Long IslandGas.com, the company�tifies the company of its newest drilling rig, it calls it the Long Islanders Gas Pipeline, or LIGP, which stands for Long Island, Gas and Pipeline.

This drilling rig is in the midst of a major overhaul to better fit into its existing business plans.

The drilling rig was designed by the firm that designed the first offshore drilling rigs.

They have a long history in the industry.

The rig is being used to test a new process that uses a hydraulic fluid called propane, which is a common ingredient in natural gas.

Propane is used in fracking, which involves blasting underground rock formations with a powerful blast of compressed air.

Propanes are used to lubricate the equipment that is being run on the rig.

It�s a bit of a surprise that the rig was called the LIG, because the company was the first to drill an offshore drilling rig.

In the 1960s, when it first started drilling, the drilling rigs were called drill rigs, and the company still uses that name today.

The drill rigs used in the 1980s were called fracked rigs.

But as the rig grew, it became obvious that it was getting out of control.

It had a lot of problems, and they didn�t have a lot to fix it, and it was just beginning to be expensive.

So, in the early 1990s, the U.S. Department of Energy put out a request to the U,S.

Navy for a new drilling system.

The request came with a deadline: In the next decade, the new drill system would need to cost $10 billion, and by then, the oil and natural gas had been tapped out for decades.

So they had to get a new name for the new system.

That name was LIG.

But it was hard to figure out what to call it, since the name had been changed so many times.

The first proposal to use the name LIG came from the Department of Defense.

The Navy wanted to call the system the LID, or Long Island Defense Initiative, and to give the public a bit more information about the drill rig.

That is, it wanted to give them a way of recognizing that the drill system was part of the LIDA (Long Island Defense and Security Initiative), which is the U.,S.

military’s joint venture to defend the United States and its allies.

The Army did not want to use a new acronym, so they came up with a new system: LIGL.

But the public was not going to like that.

They weren�t going to understand the difference between a drill rig and a drill, and were worried about what that meant.

So the public had to go with the name that they have today.

LIG is also a shortened version of the company name, LIG or Long Islanders.

That way, the public can know that they are talking about the company, but also that they can refer to it as a company, so the public doesn�t get confused.

LID is also the name of the state in which the company is based, New York, and LIG stands for the L.I.D. Energy Research Center, which the state is using to train drillers.

Lig is also also a shortening of the name Long Island State, which comes from the name New York City, Long Island.

The Long Island Energy Research Foundation was created in 1990, and is responsible for funding research for the industry, and making sure the rig is up to the task of drilling.

They also manage a website that allows residents to get information about LIG and LIDA.

It was a big decision for them to use Long Island as the name, because that is where the company originally started, and so it was a good choice, because it�ll be easier to understand what they are doing.

But we have to remember that this is not the first time that Long Island has changed its branding.

The city changed its colors to green and yellow in 2004, but

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