• September 29, 2021

$2.2B yacht auction: $7M boat, $1M ship to be sold in Miami next month

This article originally appeared on Forbes Florida.

Read more articles by marco,grizzly mace,panther,marco island source FinancialPost title Miami Beach’s biggest boat sale: $2M boat to be auctioned next month source Financialpost title Miami’s most popular boat sale will take place this weekend, according to the online listing source FinancialPOST title Miami will be the largest boat sale in the United States next month, according the online posting of the boat auction for the Gulf of Mexico source FinancialNewsFeed title A new yacht sale on Saturday: $4M boat for sale on Miami Beach article Miami Beach is hosting a huge boat sale on Sunday, as hundreds of thousands of people are expected to flock to the city to buy a boat for just $4,500, according reports.

This will be Miami’s largest yacht sale ever, according CNN and other media outlets.

The boat, named “Panther,” is one of five boats that will be auction off at the Miami Beach Museum of Art’s Boat Auction on Sunday.

The sale will include a $1 million boat, a $2 million boat and a $5 million boat for the rest of the auction.

The bidding on the boat is expected to exceed $100 million, and it’s unclear when the boat will be sold.

The auction will run from 12 p.m. to 3 p.M. at the museum, but the auction will not be live streamed.

The sale, which is expected a record-breaking, will be held on the island of Grand Isle and the South Beach waterfront.

It is one among a number of massive boat auctions that are being held in Miami Beach, where the city has a reputation as one of the most desirable cities in the country for yacht-buying.

There are plenty of big-name boat auctions in Miami, but few are as big as the one being held at the Museum of Natural History.

The Miami Beach auction is being organized by a group of private companies, who will bid on a new luxury yacht, the Gilded Mermaid, that will sail the Caribbean Sea and bring a yacht and a crew of 12 guests to Miami Beach.

The Gilded Maiden will join two other luxury yacht boats that are currently up for auction on the Miami-Dade County auction site: a $9.5 million Gilded Lady and a yacht, which was previously auctioned at the New York City auction site.

The $2-million boat, known as the Goliath, will sail from Miami and will join the five other boats that were auctioned last month at the yacht auction.

The boat will have a crew size of 13 crew members and will be operated by Miami’s Goliath Marine LLC.

The other boat, the Mermaid, is a six-meter, 20-meter and 12-meter yacht that will cost $7 million to build and is expected, according Miami-based private-equity firm Silverwater Investments, to be a record breaking boat.

The two other boats will join another Miami-area boat that was auctioned earlier this year, a 32-meter boat named the Angel of Sunshine, which will sail on a privately owned dock at the Florida Museum of History.

Both boats are scheduled to sail next year.

The Mermaid is the second Miami-delta-class yacht to sail in the Miami Sea and will sail in 2018.

It was originally designed by Italian designer Gianni Versace and built by American company, the Miami, Fla.-based Ocean Group.

The Angel of Sunshine was the last boat to sail from the Miami area to the Atlantic, and the only one to go to the Bahamas.

The Ocean Group has already launched a small-boat cruise from Florida to the island.

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