• July 19, 2021

How to get your dream wedding dress at Leo’s Coney Island

Posted February 15, 2019 08:12:51 Leo’s Island in Hawaii is famous for its beautiful, elaborate and colorful costumes.With so many options, it’s no wonder that you can choose the perfect outfit from a plethora of designer labels.There’s a wealth of designer dresses, shoes and accessories on offer, and you can always find your perfect piece…

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When will we start paying more?

On Monday, we asked readers for their thoughts on what they thought was the best way to pay for everything.The response was overwhelming, with readers from across the globe telling us that they were paying more in total and that they would do it in a hurry.Here are some of the big takeaways: • More…

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When are the coronaviruses going to strike Mercer Island?

The first two coronavides to hit Mercer island have been linked to coronaviral infections in New Zealanders.The third coronavine, a strain found on the island of Queenstown, was confirmed in October.The latest coronavillae, found in a Mercer man, will be sent to the mainland.The man, who has been referred to as a “significant risk” to…

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How to celebrate New Zealand’s World Cup win in Australia

Posted October 01, 2018 06:04:25 A few days ago, the New Zealand rugby team came to Australia for a training camp, and the news came through in the media.New Zealand Rugby announced the team would take on the South African All Blacks at ANZ Stadium, and while that is a significant game, it will also…

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How to be the best beach bum on the island of Sydney

In the midst of a global recession, the beach is once again the go-to destination for people looking for a change of scenery.For many Australians, the days of taking a stroll down the beach and spending their days doing nothing are over.But for those who have been following the trend, there’s a lot of excitement…

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How Hawaiian Islands Are Changing: Study island, study island island, Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii’s study islands are changing as they become more popular, and more families want to spend time there.It’s a change that has been spurred by a wave of tourism and economic development, which has also pushed people to make the island home.The islands’ status as islands also has become increasingly important as the U.S. and…

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