Villa Mitata - Mitata Kythira Greece
Villa Mitata - Mitata Kythira Greece

Situation of the island

The island of Kythira is in the South-east of the Peloponnese and is a part the Ionian islands between the Aegean sea and the Ionian sea and at : - 6 hours of Piree  - 3 hours of Gythio - 1 hour of Neapoli by ferry boat - 35 mn of Athens by plane each day.
The island has a surface of 280 km2  the population is about 3000 peoples spread over the many small picturesque villages.
This is an especially green island with hills forest transparent sources of water and waterfalls. The island proposes  also very beautiful beaches and creeks and contain real treasures in this countryside.
The village of Chora is the capital - typically Greek site with lanes and white and blue houses and especially her castle and a splendid view on the Kapsali's bay.
The village of Potamos located at 5 kms of Mitata with his place and terraces of coffee shops local product's shops and traditional market the Sunday morning.

Situation of your Villa

Situated in Mitata the greenest village in the center of Kythira with the splendid gorges of Tsakonas and his luxurious vegetation and variety of fruit trees who captures your eyes and yoursense.
Theses gorges are accessible to the walkers (do not forget your pic-nic).
In the top of the village you will be able to discover the old   mills small temples Bysantin and a secret's school.
The place of Mitata with a traditional kitchen tavern offer to you one of the most beautiful panorama of Kythira.
Each August the village organizes the Wine festival.
A minimarket-Kafeneon is open every day.
The welcome on the island of Kythira also called Kythera, Kithira, Kithera, Cythera, Cythera, Cythira, Citera and Cerigo.